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kewl new youtube show that tells u lies about boobies

Lil’ Osiris: Dan Lippert
Ricky: Justin Michael
Jemayal: Jacob Reed
Bikini Girls: Sophia Koikas, Darci Borelli, Crystal-Lane Swift

Written by Tremendosaur (Justin Michael and Jacob Reed)
Directed by Noam Bleiweiss
Director of Photography: Ed Spangler
Edited by Andy Maxwell
Sound: Armando Macias
Set PA: Sam Fishell
Special Thanks: Jace Armstrong, Danny O’Malley

XCVI Romantic Comedy
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The romantic story of a girl who dated her clothes.


Sarah: Allyn Rachel
Jennie: Jennie Pierson
Ann: Ann Maddox
Co-worker: Patrick Carlyle
Dave: David Theune
Barry: Barry Rothbart
Mall Hunk: Ryan Stanger
Store Manager: Mark Rennie

Written by Justin Michael, Jacob Reed, and Deb Tarica
Directed and Produced by Tremendosaur (Justin Michael and Jacob Reed)
DP: Gabriel Patay
AC/Gaffer: Jason Arnot
Art Direction: Ayaka Ohwaki
Sound: Justin Williams
PAs: Will Reese and Paul Isakson
Special Thanks: Michelle Cardinale, Matt Mazany, Heather Sundell, Danny O’Malley

2011: In MEMEoriam
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A look back at all the memes we lost in 2011. Rest in peace.

Concept by Tremendosaur (Justin Michael and Jacob Reed)
Edited by Jacob Reed

Thanksgiving Commercial
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One of our favorite Thanksgiving commercials.

Grandmother: Pat McNeely
Announcer: Jacob Reed

written and directed by Tremendosaur (Justin Michael and Jacob Reed)
director of photography: Gabriel Patay
AC/Gaffer: Jason Arnot
special thanks: Michelle Cardinale, Clay Larsen

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Kneel before Kanthor!

CAST (in order of appearance)
Jacob – Jacob Reed
Justin – Justin Michael
Kanthor – Dan Lippert
Mom – Jill Donnelly
Dad – Mike Leffingwell
Soup Farter – Ryan Rosenberg
Grandma – Pat McNeely
Bible Thumper – Rene Gube
First Crush – Lila Scott
Trader Joe’s Employee – Mano Agapion
Bar Mitzvah Bully – Ben Greene
Camp Counselor – Allison Fields
Ex-GF – Ann Maddox
Stop Eating Guy – Greg Kanimian
Cat Lover – Betsy Sodaro
Bad Trip Buddy – Pat Janssen
Judy – Justin Michael
Jace – Jace Armstrong
Chris – Chris Otte

Written/Directed by Tremendosaur (Justin Michael & Jacob Reed)
Shot by Brennan Maxwell
Production Sound – Jeremy Slome
Make Up – Sarah Dorsey
2nd Unit DP – Andy Knapp
2nd Unit Sound – Pat Janssen
Visual FX – Andy Maxwell
Edited by Myron Santos
Sound Mixing/Design – Pat Janssen
Special Thanks – Nick Wiger

Tremendosaur Branded Reel
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Sometimes people pay us to make commercials disguised as sketches. Here are a few of our favorite moments, edited together. Check out more on our new branded page, and if you’re a super-conglomerate and wanna make some internets with us, shoot us an email!

Taco Time Friend Fiesta
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We make a lot of branded sketches. This is not one of those sketches.

Justin – Justin Michael
Jacob – Jacob Reed
Clumsy Guy – Pat Janssen
Betsy – Betsy Sodaro
Jon – Jon Mackey
Rodney Strangerfield/Marty – Marty Dusig

Written/Directed/Produced by Tremendosaur
Cinematographer: Andrew Knapp
AC/Sound: Jason Tippet
Edited by: Myron Santos

Mary Holland outtakes from The Flyer
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We were fortunate enough to work with the extremely talented Mary Holland on the branded shoot we did for Best Buy last month. Unfortunately, we had to cut her out of the final video. Below are her takes.

Also, this is pretty much how it went down:
US: So, can you just say a line that’s the end of a news report, and then read this line to introduce the Flyer.
MARY: Just improvise news stuff?
US: Yeah, we have a couple ideas in mind, but maybe try a few first?
MARY: Okay. I think I have a few.
[Mary then proceeds to calmly improvise eight back-to-back home runs]

4th of Ju-PIE
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A PIE-triotic salute to America.

Justin Michael as Uncle Sam
Jacob Reed as Uncle Sam
Skyler James as Drummer Boy
The Trojan Men as Mens Choir
Andres du Bouchet as Bald Eagle
Paul Rust as Lady Liberty

Executive Producer – Funny or Die / Mike Farah
Producers: Ally Hord / Tremendosaur
Director by: Dustin Bowser, Justin Michael, Jacob Reed
Written by: Justin Michael, Jacob Reed
Cinematographer: Andrew Knapp
AC: Jason Tippet
Hair & Makeup: Haley O’Neil
Sound: Pat Janssen
Vocal Arrangement: Daniel Weidlein
VFX: Dustin Bowser
Edited by: Dustin Bowser, Tremendosaur
PAs: Leigh Alan, Joe Bergren Sam Fischell, Mike Gabriel, Grant Lipschultz, Minh Vu, Vince Wloch
Special Thanks: Danny O’Malley, Abel Charrow, Melissa Becerra, Fatal Farm, David Lewandowski, Elliot Dickerhoof, Sean Boyle, Gian Molina, Alex Berg, Jordyn Rachel, Logan Olson

The Flyer for Hire
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Even superheroes go on interviews.

Best Buy/HTC

HR Gal: Suzi Barrett
Edgeblade: Ben Siemon
The Flyer: Ryan Rosenberg
Pufo: Chris Otte
Office Workers: Robert Stephens, Zachary Sigelko
Superheroes: Alison Fields, Christian Daly

Written and Directed by Tremendosaur (Justin Michael & Jacob Reed)
Executive Produced by Mike Farah, Chris Bruss, Juliet Seniff
Produced by Christin Trogan
1st AD: Ryan Lacen
2nd AD: Jake Gilbert
Cinematographer: Andy Knapp
1st AC: Jason Tippet
Gaffer: Geoffrey Sykes
Editor: Myron Santos
Additional editing and Flyer VFX: Jacob Reed
Key Grip: Marcus McDougald
Grip: Sean Meehan
Production Sound: Botown Sound
Sound Design and Mixing: Pat Janssen
Art Direction: Rachel Ferrara
Asst. Set Dresser: Robin Brockway
Key Set Staff Assistant: Elizabeth Lanteri
Staff Assistant: Sam Varela
Special Thanks: Mary Holland